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    We provide high-level tax advisory services and we responsibly manage any type of task concerning taxation of businesses and individuals.
    Our experts guide you step-by-step in figuring out your tax strategy, utilizing prospects and opportunities that ensure the best benefit for you.

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For businesses

    We take care of your all tax liabilities, settle fiscal issues appropriately and on-time and we responsibly adapt your company to the latest regulations of the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (IAPR).
    After several years of professional experience in tax planning and great awareness of the current tax legislation, we can totally ensure your business tax compliance and smooth operation.

We can provide advanced consultancy and extensive support on all tax matters :

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For individuals

    We efficiently approach every type of taxation issue, including tax returns and other tax statements, as well as settlement of financial and insurance issues with public authorities.
    Also we responsively assist you in case of tax audits by the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (IAPR) and settle pending tax issues regarding your realties and other wealth assets.

Key points where we can assist you concern :

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