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    We offer top-level financial services to private companies and public organizations aiming to improve their effectiveness and add value to their services.

Economic Technical Analysis

Viability and feasibility studies

    We undertake the elaboration of viability studies, both for business management use and for negotiations with banks and organisations, identifying key points such as capital flows, revenue, the company ability to cope with its financial obligations and other critical financial data.
    We also apply widely used methods and practices to carry out feasibility studies, which analyse in detail the total cost and potential return of your investment as well as its actual effectiveness, throughout the life cycle of a project. 

feasibility studies
business plan

Business plan

    A detailed business plan is absolutely important for the evaluation of your business proposal, as it shows the current situation of your company, your short-term plans for achieving of goals, and the prediction for its potential, taking in mind possible changes in the its industry.
    We are totally experienced in preparing top-level business plans, where we fully highlight the vision and goals of your company, and also a thourough financial strategy and technical planning, that aim to the further business development in the near future and the engagement of potential investors.


Entrepreneurship and funding opportunities

    Access to finance resources is vital for any kind of business, as it creates significant prospects for its viability, the improvement of its infrastructure and the enhancement of its competitiveness.
    After several years in business world and our involvement both in corporate and innovative industries, we have the expertise to extensively evaluate your business proposal and guide you responsibly in seeking the appropriate funding solutions for your case. We assist you in gaining access to a wide range of fincance resources, including EU funding programms and bank financing opportunities, as well as to get in touch potential investors and individual funds.

business financing

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